South Coast Mission Trips for 2018

Project: Jacmel Haiti

Project Leader:
John Breland

Individual Cost:
Approximately $1800

Apply for the trip by visiting the following link:

About this Project
This missions opportunity will take place in the beautiful hills of Haiti! South Coast Church has been partnering with this community of believers for 5 years, and now the evidence of our church’s kindness in Jacmel is everywhere!
After arriving in Haiti and getting a little rest we will be joining Restoration Church, in Jacmel, bright and early Sunday Morning!
Where will we be serving? This trip we will be completing the mountain church that South Coast started in 2015.  This would include painting, cleaning and any finishing touches. Daily opportunities to serve in the feeding programs, outreaches, construction or making repairs on any of the Conduit Mission houses and churches. We will also have the opportunity to host women’s meetings and outreaches to the local children!
What are the accommodations? We will be staying as a team in the Leviya Hotel     located in Jacmel, Haiti.
What will you eat? The Restoration House (the children’s home operated by Restoration Church) will be proving all the meals for our team. You will receive three large meals everyday. Everything from eggs and hot dogs to their favorite dish goat stew!
What should I bring? Everyone will be allowed only one suitcase and a carry on. Backpacks are handy because of the hikes you will be taking across the country side. You will need one outfit for church, they dress in dresses and suits for church but feel free to wear something a little more casual. Modest shorts and tee shirts are appropriate for most work days. There will be a beach day so bring a swim suit and beach towel, but please bring a modest swimsuit and cover up.  Also bring plenty of snacks and a water bottle to refill at the hotel each day.
To pay for the trip go to:

Create a Managed Missions account and fill out the application. You will receive a email within 24 hours giving you the next steps and trip payment details.

The trip cost approximately $1800
Payments Deadlines
August 3               $300.00
September 3         $650.00
October 3              $850.00 (100% of trip cost is due)
You most be 18 or older or accompanied by parent
Must attend all meetings
Must have passport

If I cancel after the purchase of my airline ticket, I am responsible for that ticket cost. I am a member of South Coast Church and I commit to attending and participating in the team meetings required by my team. I, the parent of the minor signee (under the age of 18) and or Adult signee (above the age of 18), waive, release, and indemnify the Released Parties as identified above from all demands, claims, or liability that have arisen or may arise from any Church activity or trip and that involve any damage, loss, or injury to me, my property, or my children’s property. South Coast Church reserves the right to cancel or change itineraries, or substitute services without notice.